RONALDO TAKES AIM AT TWO TROPHIES - An exclusive interview with CR

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RONALDO TAKES AIM AT TWO TROPHIES - An exclusive interview with CR

Post by sulehri on Sat Apr 12, 2008 1:44 am

Are you pleased with your form this season?
I try to improve and this season has been even better than the last. People say I need to perform better in big games; I respect that opinion, but I donít feel I need to prove anything to anyone. Iím pleased with my progress, but I believe this United squad is the best Iíve been involved in. Itís more consistent and more mature.

In recent seasons you bet Sir Alex youíd score 15 goals; now you have 36...
Thatís true! Iím happy with the improvement. Iím a better player now than I was a year ago and definitely better than when I first came here. I hope that continues. Why have I scored more goals this season? Itís hard to say, Iíve just had more chances.

Do you have a favourite goal from this season?
I enjoyed my header against Roma away. That was very satisfying. But I like the free kicks against Portsmouth, Bolton and Sunderland. Itís hard to pick one.

Were you proud to beat George Bestís 32 goals in a season from midfield?
I donít really want to break anybodyís record Ė I feel bad! Iíve seen tapes of George Best playing and he was absolutely fantastic. Itís a wonderful record to hold.

Youíre tipped to win numerous Player of the Year awards again this yearÖ
Itís nice to be recognised, but if I had the choice of winning, say, the Champions League or the Golden Boot, Iíd pick the Champions League every time.

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