7-a-side tournament rules for Round 2 and final

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7-a-side tournament rules for Round 2 and final

Post by sulehri on Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:35 am

Following rules are applicable to the Sulehri's 7-a-side Tournament Round 2 and the final

Rules carried forward from previous round
1. Number of substitutes on bench: 3
2. Rolling subs
3. 25 minutes half
4. Bookings and bans for illegal tackles & abusive language. Player getting red card will miss the next match.
5. Medal for top goal scorer
6. If game ends in a draw, ten extra minutes and then penalty shoot-out
7. Remaining dues, if any, MUST be cleared before kick-off
8. Referee's decision will be final
9. No cross-talk to referee is allowed
10. Referee may book players involved in argue with the referee
11. Players using abusive language on/off the pitch will be booked at once; referee can give a straight red depending on the situation
12. It is captain's responsibility to control his team
13. Team not reaching within 15 minutes of the prescribed time will be automatically disqualified
14. Kit colors should be strictly the same except goalkeeper, any player not conforming to this rule will not be allowed to play

New Rules
1. Abusive language includes the use of such language with one’s own team mates
2. Each captain should ensure his team reaches the venue before the specified kick off time, any team failing to reach in 15 minutes of the kick off time will have to concede the match and walkover will be granted to the team reaching on time
3. No player can play in more than 2 teams. (If a player has played for team A he is allowed to play in team B. After he plays in team B he will not be allowed to play in any other team including team A)
4. Captain should ensure that when using rolling subs he obtains prior permission from the referee each time. The player entering the play shall only enter the field when the other player has gone outside.
5. Player accumulating 3 yellow cards will miss the next match
6. Player receiving red card will miss the next match

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